Supported Living /

“Our services help people to live as independently as possible”

Help with Supported Living

We are leading providers of Supported Living services for adults aged 18 to 65 with challenging or complex needs. The people who use our services work with our care managers to help shape the way our services are planned, run and delivered, their aspirations and expectations for the future are fully taken into account.

We are also able to respond to their changing needs over time, to adapt our care and support services to meet these needs and to monitor and evaluate progress as each person moves toward personal independence.

Our approach to specialist services

Our person-centred approach to planning services means each person receives support that is fully tailored to their needs. We consider a person’s skills, interests and goals as well as their education, work, leisure, social or financial areas of life. Opportunities to develop and apply new skills and knowledge are provided through access to local community services and resources, however complex or severe the need of each person is.

Fari Care Ltd provides services tailored to people with:

  • Challenging behaviour
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism spectrum disorders (including Asperger syndrome)
  • Multiple and profound learning disabilities
  • Communication and sensory impairments
  • Acquired brain injuries

Housing and domiciliary care

Fari Care Ltd can provide support for people who need help to find suitable rented housing. We work with housing providers to help ensure that the accommodation is a home for life or is properly adapted so that people with complex needs are fully supported to live as independently as possible.

Our domiciliary care services are uniquely tailored to the needs of each person, whether they need help with meal deliveries, shopping, personal care, house cleaning or accessing local health or leisure services. We aim to ensure people are provided with every opportunity to live independently in their own homes and to engage with their local communities as full citizens.

Our model is person-centred and based on the recovery model of care so that each person is provided with the support they need to live to their full potential. They are able to access a wide range of educational and leisure activities and are fully involved in the shaping of the care they receive. We aim to provide opportunities for individuals to grow, learn and develop, to fulfill their own aspirations and dreams, and to achieve the best outcomes possible.